At Sterling Hospitals, we are committed to and earnestly wish for your good health. Conforming to the best practices worldwide, Sterling Hospitals offers you more options, better choices and greater flexibility of treatment. We have set unbeatable benchmarks in many fields such as IVF and kidney treatment, so if you are searching for the best kidney treatment in Gujarat or the topmost IVF hospital in Gujarat, you are at the right place.

Services are the backbone and form the core of our healthcare deliveries. Patient comfort & satisfaction are the main areas of our focus and concern. We have left no stone unturned to deliver the highest standard of healthcare services, which can be compared to existing international standards. Some of the key specialities that we provide are:

Some of the key services that we provide are:
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Critical Care and Pulmonary Division
  • Gynaecology & High Risk Pregnancy
  • Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement
  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardiology
  • Nephrology
  • Paediatric Surgery
  • Spine Surgery
  • Urology
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)