Called “SOAL” (Sterling Oncology Add Life), the division clearly spells out its mission: education, prevention, control. Our screening and early detection programmes are designed to catch early common cancers of mouth, throat, colon and rectum, prostate, breast and uterine cervix.

Backed by quality radiology, mammography and pathology, cancer related health check-up is offered to everyone coming for a routine health check-up. From surgery to rehabilitation, Sterling is a one-stop solution for all cancer related problems designed by the best onco-surgeons in India.


  • Separately designated area for oncology services
  • Special programmes for women including “SOAL Breast Clinic”
  • Eminent and distinguished visiting consultants
  • Multidisciplinary 'tumour-board management' for close interaction between thee oncologist, radiologist and pathologist
  • Qualified, in-house full-time surgical oncologists
  • Regularly educative and training sessions for doctors
  • State-of-the-art radiotherapy facilities
  • A focused program to control head and neck cancers

Services provided:

  • Early detection and prevention programs and cancer-related health check-up
  • Radical, complex surgeries for all types of cancers
  • Organ preserving surgery for different cancers (Mandible i.e. jaw, bone in oral cancers, voice-box in throat cancers, breast cancers, anal valve in rectal & anal cancers, limb preservation in bone cancers)
  • Chemotherapy for all solid cancers
  • Treatment of blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma) and other haematological disorders
  • Reconstructive surgery and prosthesis for jaw, breast, limbs  and other defects
  • Evidence-based multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment planning
  • Physiotherapy and functional rehabilitation
  • Home palliative care services
  • Medical education for doctors
  • Cancer education for individuals and society
  • Clinical research

For Further Information

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